Transcending the ever present sub-genre wars, oppressing creativity and freedom in metal scenes around the world, California-based Salythia proudly stands against the monotonous, cookie cutter mindset infecting us all. Blending influences ranging from metalcore to black metal, and everything in between, this five-piece knows what they want, and they know how to make it happen.

Musically diverse, be it the funk infused bass lines between the metalcore breakdowns, or the beautifully intricate instrumentals that any prog-snob would die for, Salythia seeks to unite the divided metal scene and provide an enjoyable listen for every fan. Dominating the stage with bands like Trivium, Suicide Silence, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Animals as Leaders, the high energy live performances have gotten the band some well deserved attention. The message the band preaches, however, is the true gold standard.

Salythia seeks to challenge the heavy metal world with unique and complex songwriting. Ultimately, they want all metalheads to stop defining their taste by genres alone.

Simply put, the band wants you to understand these three simple words: Expect the Unexpected.

Band Members: 

Michael Cozzitorto – Lead vocals

Brandon Martin – Lead Guitar/vocals

Kurt Rodriguez – Rhythm Guitar/vocals

Eric Jesness – Drums

Kevin Norton – Bass Guitar